The Nathaniel Wharton Fund Dinner presents Dr. Tia Powell on Dementia

“Dementia Reimagined  -Building a life  of joy and dignity” is the title of Dr. Powell s  book. We all want to achieve this kind of life.  Her profound talk raises all the issues surrounding problems of dementia and some of the steps that can be taken to support  people in different stages of dementia.  The annual Wharton Fund research dinner took place  at the elegant Lotos Club in NYC on May 8.. Dr. Ralph Wharton is the executive director.. More information about this outstanding   fund for innovative biomedical research is on the  internet.

Where are the jobs for pianists?

People give millions to hospitals and donate pianos. Perhaps they should consider adding money to pay pianists for playing on their donated pianos. Now in most hospitals pianists are expected to volunteer and perform for no pay..

The costs of college education have skyrocketed and many parents can not afford private piano lessons.. Music is great for the soul and the body. I hope donors will come forward.

Nathaniel Wharton Fund dinner presents Dr. Martin Picard ,PHD. diving into the mind of a cell

Dr. Picard spoke about the intracellular communication of the mitochondria and the mitochondrial biology of aging.. Dr. Ralph Wharton,  and Dr Leonard Wharton took questions from the audience at the beautiful Lotus Club where the event took place on May1, 2018.. The Wharton Fund does significant research on brain, body and behavior .We are all lucky that this Wharton Fund   exists..

Bravo to the Senior Concert Orchestra of NY

On September 21, 2016, I went to Carnegie Hall in NYC to listen to this outstanding orchestra of senior musicians conducted by David Gilbert. The performance had great mastery combined with great sensitivity to the varied repertoire and to the  young violin soloist, Nune Melik,. This was a free concert of the Senior Musicians Association of NY..  I wish it would be filmed and put on the internet so that the global audience would be able to enjoy it forever, and that all these musicians would have a permanent document of their great talents.

The Privilege of being a Child Prodigy

Very few people know the satisfaction of doing something very well. Today there are many parents who do not want their musically talented children to be raised as prodigies. They want their child to have a ” normal childhood.”.  I don’t understand their thinking and I suspect they were born without great talent.

No one forced me to play the piano. I was a self-directed child prodigy who emerged because of the support of both my parents. My parents have been the great blessing of my entire life. I had a childhood and teen age years, where I was praised, received awards and had celebrity status. I loved performing and working as a musician. I skipped one grade in elementary school and did very well in my classes in public school. When I was confirmed at Temple Beth Shalom in Miami Beach, Florida, the Rabbi told me that God had blessed me with an extraordinary mind and musical ability. I should use these gifts to help humanity.

The   legacy of my parents was to have high ideals all the way through my life. I have had a better life and fuller life than 99 % of the women in this world. I was born under the lucky star!

Never Allow Remote Access to your Computer!

Computer fraud happens daily. Where are the warnings ? How do you protect yourself from these scams?

Ignore pop ups with sirens, ignore pop ups without sirens. Microsoft never sends pop ups with emergency numbers.

If you can’t turn off the siren on your computer, cover it with towels, put it in the bathroom until you can take it to a live technician.  What ever dreadful problem that is being reported, on your computer,  has probably been created by the people trying to gain remote access to your computer, trying to get you to pay them for repair service you do not need and they may never provide… Your computer can be invaded without your knowledge  and your anti virus protection can be bypassed  by these crooks.


Montague Street…

Montague Street Journal, the international Journal on the Art of Bob Dylan published my remarks. “Dylan’s songs are in the theme of peace, friendship and humanity, the lack and the abundance. Part of Dylan’s creative gifts is the creation of an optimistic musical sound underneath a critical observation on difficult world conditions. The minute you separate the melody from the complex arrangements it currently exists in , you immediately hear the emotional character of that melody and can be surprised by the juxtaposition of the words.”